Dating a flight attendant yahoo answers how to run a dating website

I think a gentleman's reputation gets out to every FA in an entire airline in less than two months. FAs are a close knit group and being mostly women they talk. If you get the reputation of being a gentleman rather that a creep the word gets out.Yes, they have been known to "pass guys around."The FAs I dated had their HQ in Denver.

It could have gotten very spendy but they were usually gentle with me, usually.

However, yes however, can you imagine going out to dinner with three of the most beautiful women in the whole wide world? After that evening it took me a good two days to get over the cramps in my face from grinning so hard.

Dating one FA is kinda like a series of first dates with a friend of yours that you see so seldom.

You know her well enough to be relaxed with her but not enough to know what to expect of her.

Now, that was one of the dumbest statements I've ever made.

No shit you don't know what to expect of her, she's a woman! Did I mention that they are women and that they like to talk?

Once they relax around you the will regale you with stories they usually keep to themselves.

Two, three or four FAs together can tell stories that will make a US Marine blush. OK, your burning question, "Did I ever get where I really wanted to go?

" Well now, that's none of your damned business, is it?

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