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He claimed he He seemed confident on the outside one would think when witnessing his quickly rising star and the line of shock techniques he used in his shows and the quips he feed to the gullible press who adored him. The moniker of may have characterized his professional reputation, but I am convinced he was very sad inside.

Infact whenever I’d see him, which was usually at something private and not amongst the adoring fashion fans, he was quite shy.

He also was a bit self-conscious of his slightly overweight body.


Yet, he loved to be looked at, when he was “on” for work or out in the world.

Once I recall I took a flight from London to Paris.

The plane was carrying just a few passengers, it was a really late flight.

In 1989 or so I met Alexander Mc Queen who was working with Koji Tatsuno, he was 20.

He worked for Romeo Gigli for a spell too at that time.

I was buying the show samples from Tatsuno and wearing them, such as a long coat of peacock feathers turned into yarn and then embroidered on to fabric, or lavish brocade trapeze jackets which Mc Queen had worked on. Isabella was the typical madly snobbish British fashion supporter, a bit like an anglo-saxon Anna Piaggi.

Before the Gucci Group bought the Alexander Mc Queen brand in 2000, you’d see Blow and Mc Queen together at other shows in the 90s, before Gucci.

Once I was having lunch at the Savoy in London and they came in.

They were accompanied by several stodgy sad clown-faced businessmen.

Isabella had her “Fuck You World face” on that day. She usually was in a startling Philip Treacy hat as she “discovered” him as well and Alexander, Lee to those who knew him, looked like a middle-aged punk rocker which surprisingly did not reek of tacky as it often does by over 20-year-old boys which he was.

I waved to them and Alexander got up and came over to my table where I was eating alone. I told him I was out on a shopping day and needed to keep my fast speed, being accompanied would slow me down. He ended up staying for 20 minutes with me though I told him he should probably go back to his table and dreary looking lunch dates. Later Isabella would wear his hats such as the antlers covered in black organza, something which certainly took more than a bit of nerve. He had real multiple layers of charisma and believed in what he was doing though from his O level in school would have you believe otherwise.

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