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Philip Pocock is a Canadian artist, photographer and researcher. Since the early 1990s, his work has been collaborative, situational, time-, code-, net-based and participatory.

In photography, in the 1980s, Philip Pocock produced two bodies of photographic works: lyrical documentary explorations in New York and Berlin; as well as alchemical Cibachrome photographs.

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Relocating to Europe, in 1990, Philip Pocock continued collaborative practice, painting and drawing with German artist Walter Dahn, song lyrics from American popular music sources, from the Blues to Indie, under the label Music Security Administration, in Cologne, from 1993 to 1995, before entering telecommunication space with FAX performance, database cinema and cybernetic installation from 1993 onward.

In 1993, with Swiss photographer Felix Stephan Huber, Philip Pocock extended collaborative practice with digital cameras, laptops and a Fax modem, co-producing for the Venice Biannual's Electronic Café, a digital performance and facsimile book, Black Sea Diary.

In 1995, Huber and Pocock created an art weblog, mixing regularly posted live journal, sound and video entries with emails from their users' forum on the web.

Travel-art-art-as-information, a cyber-roadmovie, Arctic Circle investigates contemporary loneliness, taking the duo by van from Vancouver, Canada, over thousands of kilometers, to walk along the Arctic Circle in Canada's northern wilderness, simultaneously searching for any sign of life on the other side, the cyber-side, of their laptop screens.

Driving, acting, uploading, what began as 1970s conceptual performance mutated into 1990s pulp melodrama when two hitchhikers, Nora and Nicolas, hopped on board, all becoming fictional characters playing in a digital documentary of their own making.

Arctic Circle was produced for the traveling exhibition Fotographie nach der Fotographie, in 1995-97, included in documenta X, in 1997.

Philip Pocock was invited by documenta X's director, Catherine David, in 1996, to produce an Internet cinema piece for the event in 1997.

He presented the work in the context of the documenta X - 100 Days 100 Guests event.

For [ A Description of the Equator and Some Øther Lands] Philip Pocock assembled longtime collaborator, Felix Stephan Huber, Udo Noll, and Florian Wenz, to produce an early online, user-generated, database-driven hypercinematic work, which introduced the term Tag (metadata), taking Pocock and Wenz first to Uganda, then Pocock and Noll to the Java Sea to traverse the Earth's equator, and with thousands of users pursue the potential one of corresponding identities in cyberspace.

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