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When you're looking through the catalog, try to choose classes that are going to be filled with mostly women. Even if they aren't at that particular school, chances are they will know where you can find them. Almost every time I've attended a group dance lesson, the women all had to dance with the other women, because there was hardly any men in the class.

I'm serious, one time there was 18 women and only 2 men! They women prefer to dance with the men, but they are willing to dance with other women, because there's no other choice.

But you better believe that when it's their turn to dance with YOU, they won't want to let you go.

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Even if you don't meet anyone you like, you'll have an important skill that will put you ahead of 90% of other guys who can't dance at all. Here are my 3 favorites: I want to warn you, though...

Go ahead and look up some local dance schools, and ask them about lessons. They are usually large, because they get a lot of people. Expect to spend around 100 bucks for an introductory lesson package, which probably includes five to ten group lessons. Adult Friend Finder is mostly for people who just want to find a sex partner, not a relationship.

If you want to get some serious results from the personals, expect to spend around 100 bucks per month in membership costs.

Most guys focus on the wrong thing when they're first learning how to meet women.

Have you actually thought about what places might be BEST for meeting a lot of single girls?

They try to pick them up in the most impossible places, like food courts, or shopping centers.

The problem with that is that they're there to either eat or shop.

They are NOT there to meet people, and they're certainly not there to find a date.

Their defenses are WAY up, which makes it really hard for you to make a good impression... Instead of going where the odds are against you, try meeting women in places that are very easy.

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