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I had nearly three terabytes of i Tunes stuff in duplicate, triplicate and so forth. **NOTE** (Now, this means that there will be COPIES of the music and media files in the consolidated folder, leaving them ALSO in their original location.That’s ok, bear with me and continue on…) Once the computer-based library finished copying over to the “Consolidated folder” I deleted the files from that location (be careful not to remove these files): Then, go to “File” and “Add to Library” and navigate to your first duplicate i Tunes Folder.

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Don’t delete the source files if you want to keep the songs in more than one location.

Also, be sure to empty the trash in between each set of files to prevent data overflow.

The computer still sees those files until you empty the garbage and they will continue to take up space on your hard drive.

Digitally, I have cleaned up my act with two GLARING exceptions: Multi-Media and Photos.

For years I’ve had multiple i Tunes libraries, backed up from multiple machines on multiple external drives.

Basically, it’s been such a mess that I quit using i Tunes and all my media contained therein.I could never find what I wanted, but I found what I didn’t want multiplied with duplicate copies. I’ve used i Tunes for many years, and let’s just admit that the first attempts at music management were less than perfect — especially from the data management side of things for power-users of multiple machines with varied OS systems. The result has always been even more duplication and additional itunes folders.With that said, I’ll also have to admit that it’s dramatically improved since I first looked at i Tunes with a critical eye.So, I decided to tackle one of my remaining behemoths…my i Tunes media files, folders, podcasts, music, movies, TV series, audiobooks and whatnot.It took a great deal of time, but I transferred all the i Tunes libraries over to one external drive (with the exception of the library on the machine I was using to do the cleanup — which was my i Mac). I used a three terabyte drive with two terabytes of i Tunes stuff on it and ignored (initially) nearly another terabyte on my i Mac’s hard drive.

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