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Lynne "ellkay."Hi, I found Pat's profile online and e-mailed her. She lives about 40 miles away and I asked her about lunch.

She dresses casual where she works and I e-mailed her about getting together on Thursday (this was Tuesday) so that she could "dress up" for lunch that day.

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I call her and e-mail her several times a day and we spent yesterday together; I had the night off and she took the day off.

I introduced her to my family and friends and she has already introduced me to some of hers.

I really appreciate your service; it really is a ministry for Christians seeking Christian spouses.

Hello, I am just writing to sincerely thank you for the service you are providing.

I had looked at other on-line christian dating services in the past and was rather appalled at the cost...

I just came across an article about your site at the following location: Associated Press Article by David Crary ... Times about From Jlmpacker Hello, I am writing you because I could not figure out how to delete my profile entirely.Wow, looks like news about Adam Meet Eve Christian Singles Dating is making it into newspapers all over the country. Adam Meet Eve is also mentioned in Harvard Magazine!!! I am dating a man now and am not in the market for other suitors.I can really relate to what you said in the article here: [``I don't think single people are integrated into Christian churches as they should be,'' said Dan ..., who runs a service called Adam Meet Eve. You're almost ostracized because you're not 'normal.'''] It just touched my heart... Since I have placed an ad here I have received a lot of nice letters. I will say that I appreciate that you had me on your website, free of charge.Now I have met someone I love very much and I met him through Adam Meet Eve. You have a really good site, and I hope that more and more people utilize your services.I got the second-most letters from men who saw me on your site, more than on another one that I paid to join.Thank you for helping me "officially" take myself out of circulation.

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