Best dating in the dark episode

Before the ‘reveal’ the contestants are interviewed and usually say something like this: Women: “it doesn’t matter what he looks like, we had such a great connection I think I’ll like him no matter what” Men: “I hope she’s hot” Within one second of the reveal you can tell whether they’re attracted or not. A slow appreciative nod and big smile = ‘yes, I want to bone you’.

After they have seen their crush in the flesh, their tune has usually changed somewhat.

a lot…” said one of the more articulate contestants.

The final stage to the show is the “meet” on the balcony.

Meeting up with someone on the balcony effectively says “I saw you in the light and still like you”.

is a reality television show that proclaims to ‘test that age-old question “is love blind? Back in their respective parts of the house, the contestants de-brief about the group date and discuss who they’ll choose for their first individual date.

”’ Hosted by former Miss Australia, Laura Dundonovik, contestants take looks out of the equation in their search for love by going on a series of dates in total darkness. They deliberate the important issues: “If he’s a personal trainer, he’d have a hot body”. To break the tension of this moment one contestant will nervously add “all’s fair in love and war” or another boring cliché.

Each week a new crop of failed Big Brother applicants (or in one case an actual Big Brother contestant) excitedly enter the The first date is a ‘group’ date. In complete darkness three guys and three girls sit across from each other at the most awkward of singles tables. This is often met with a single glance that is universally understood to mean “game on mole”.They learn each others name and job and then spend the minutes following passing judgement based on this information. Individual dates are spent trying to gauge compatibility and whether the couple has a ‘spark’.This ‘spark’ is usually determined by how close they are sitting on the couch/beanbag/bathtub and how much of a feel they cop.Props are often brought along to the date and can include alcoholic drinks, food that they may rub on each other’s face, and stripper costumes.To be fair, the stripper outfits are usually saved till the third date. This is the moment when they stand awkwardly in a dark room and have a light shone on them in all their unironed shirt glory.They can’t see the other person so have no idea of their reaction.

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