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za, South Africa’s premier search engine and information portal, has released its 2006 top ten searched keyword list and coming in at number one is the keyword “jobs”, followed closely by “property.” The keyword results are indicators of the general information needs of South African internet users, and 2006 was the year that visitors to the site were fervently searching for job security and opportunities – all year round.

This can be attributed to the ever-filling pool of learners and graduates leaving schools every year, as even though the rate of job creation shows an improvement on the employment rate as a whole, there are not enough vacancies to go around.

Top Ten Keywords for 2006 1) Jobs 2) Property 3) Maps 4) Furniture 5) Chat 6) Google 7) Dating 8) Car hire 9) Accommodation 10) Sex Coming in a close second is the buzzword on everybody’s lips, “property”, which can be associated to keyword number 4, “furniture”, highlighting the 2006 trend of spending more time and money on the homefront.

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Ananzi dating sa

Although it did not make the overall top ten list for 2006, the keyword “mango” came in at number one during the month of November, presumably due to the launch of the low cost airline, making the keyword and derivatives thereof the top searched keyword for that month.

“Chat” made an appearance at number 5, an indication that SA internet users are quite serious about their online interactions.

Surprising entries onto the list was the international search engine Google, which came in at number 6, and “dating”, at number 7, which was listed as the top searched keyword in February.

The naughtiest searched keyword for 2006 at number ten is “sex”.

Searches for this word remained steady throughout the year and is a definite indication that South African internet users are becoming less inhibited with the idea online adult entertainment.

“The top ten list shows that the Internet in South Africa is becoming more mainstream and we hope that the advertising community adopts a more progressive stance to advertising online in 2007,” adds Mark Buwalda, Managing Director of za.

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Ananzi is a South African search engine on the internet. Ananzi focuses its attention purely on South African websites.

The following takes a look at facts regarding the Ananzi search engine. Ananzi is a South African search engine that was created in 1996. It focuses on South African websites and checks each website to ensure that they stay within the South African domain.

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