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There was also a very real danger that the supposedly successful Christianisation of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms was no more than a veneer.While kings and their consorts tilted their heads to Rome, just how far down the social ladder had the new religion stepped?Despite the Church’s popularity among the elite, influential people over large areas of England clung to the old ways.

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Theodore’s brief was to don the twin mantles of enforcer and organiser, allowing the church to consolidate its grip on England and make Christianity a reality for all the population.

It was a task that the new archbishop pursued vigorously.

Embarking on a grand tour of the English parts of Britain, Theodore held a synod at Hertford in 673 that tackled the thorny issues of territory and structure head-on.

259), Alex Bayliss was also working with John Hines and a team of experts on a longer-term project to discover what new scientific techniques could reveal about Early Anglo-Saxon burials.

The results shed fascinating light on an England where kings and the Church were seeking to tighten their grip on power, as Matthew Symonds found out. Born in the Byzantine Empire, he arrived in England on 27 May AD 669.

Theodore’s trip was motivated by business rather than pleasure.

The 67-year-old had travelled from Rome after being ordained the eighth Archbishop of Canterbury by Pope Vitalian.

The England Theodore entered was, nominally at least, a mostly God-fearing land aligned to the Roman church.

All of the major Anglo-Saxon kingdoms had already renounced paganism, a process that started with St Augustine’s famous conversion of King Aethelbert of Kent in 597.

But the new Archbishop’s appointment was no sinecure.

Building the church With territorial turf wars raging between bishops, and unresolved questions about episcopal power structures, the fledgling church in England was in dire need of formal reorganisation.

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