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All over the world, there are classes that teach people how to flirt.A German university even requires their IT engineers take a flirting class—not to attract a partner, but to learn how to interact more effectively in the workplace.

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Talented Agile Project Leaders know how to connect to improve understanding—getting the requirements spot on, working through crises or unreasonable demands—and, ultimately delivering the right product faster.

This article explores how flirting techniques translate to use in a business setting—inspiring us to create stronger connections and greater understanding of our customers.

When we talk about “flirting,” we are not talking about acting amorously without serious intent, as Webster defines it.

We are talking about incorporating authenticity into the process, and in that sense, flirting is better defined as connecting with people—or better yet, making people feel valued through every interaction.

Seen from the business perspective, there is surprisingly much to learn from flirting.

You can apply the same methods you would use to “score on a Friday night” to create greater understanding in the workplace.I’m not talking about romance at the office—this is simply about making connections that help you go from the “being-aware-that-you-want-to-connect” stage to the “mutual-desire-to-work-together” stage faster.A critical learning point is how you develop those relationships that make working together easier, more productive and more fun.A talented flirt asks questions, really listens for the responses and then takes action together with the person they are connecting with.Agile projects are built around this kind of great communication.My partner, Ole Jepsen, and I have discovered there are 8 Steps to building a connection with customers to enhance communication and build business value. Some people have their radars “on” when they go out—and some don’t.

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