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Stressed out, grumpy guys says things like: - “I have to find my purpose in the world. - Ruts can be professional or ruts can be personal.

That said, let’s dive in and discuss why so many guys hit the wall even if it appears — from the outside — tha Ted Ryce fitness expert, martial artist, and podcast host has experienced great loss including the murder of his younger brother. Have you ever felt tempted to walk away from your career so you could pursue a dream? Greg Long nearly drowned surfing Cortes Bank and went Christmas shopping the next day.

And is it really too late to make a big change in your life? Recovering mentally and emotionally was a much more challenging ordeal.

Buying a shotgun to protect himself, surviving deadly big wave wipeouts, facing imminent financial failure, and moving forward after the loss of his teenage son - Surf legend and author Shaun Tomson discusses practical life lessons.

Personal development for guys who think self help is for losers.

Entrepreneur, Startup, and Executive Coach Tripp Lanier covers the topics guys are hungry to explore but typically only discuss after a few beers.

Each podcast consists of real world, practical advice so guys can rise above mediocrity and live a life of purpose and meaning. Topics include: relationships, sex, dating, career, money, power, overcoming fear, fitness, inner game, lifestyle design, and spirituality.

Neil Strauss discusses the cost of dishonesty and what he’s learned from his journey through infidelity, sex addiction rehab, open relationships, polyamory, swinging, sex clubs, and now marriage and fatherhood.

Before Brian Smith made his millions, he was struggling to be the guy who stood above the rest. He was barely scraping by, 0K in personal debt, overweight, under slept, and very stressed out. Philosopher Notes Brian Johnson discusses his business course correction, making a big change with your company or life and honoring the people you care about, the difference between quitting and course correcting. Understand what makes a guy a king vs a prince plus how to find the next chapter of your career without losing your ass.

With Marc David of Institute for Psychology of Eating.

What can you learn about true power from a former high end escort?

In this gripping true story, you’re going to hear how one woman refused to be a victim and found true power in a terrifying situation. Days go by and the wheels just spin — no progress was made.

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