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People with herpes face many fears about dating: You can still date.You can still fall in love, and someone can still fall in love with you!Yes, you have an additional hurdle when it comes to finding new relationships.

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It's unrealistic to expect your dates not to care that you have herpes.

Although there are medicines to keep outbreaks in check, there is no cure.

Additionaly, even when there aren't any sores, it's still contagious.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a virus called Herpes Simplex.

It's passed from person to person by contact with infected skin.

You can get genital herpes by having sex with someone who has it.You can also get herpes by kissing someone who has an oral (mouth) infection, by having oral sex with someone who is infected, or by any skin-to-skin contact involving an infected area. When the blisters break, they leave small sores, also called ulcers, which can be very painful. Many people report feeling a tingling sensation in the area before the blisters appear.When herpes infection occurs on the mouth and lips, it may appear as "cold sores" or "fever blisters." These aren't really caused by having a cold or fever; they're caused by the herpes virus, and they are highly contagious.If you have herpes, it's important to tell potential sexual partners before you become physically involved.Many people think that herpes can only be transmitted when there are active blisters or sores, but that isn't true.The virus still lives in the skin, even when it looks normal.

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